A Star is Born

just f%$&ing do it.

It’s official! I have completed the constellation of my being, and am so excited to move forward, contributing positively and encouragingly to the world around me. Finally, it makes sense – instead of contributing to a factory or an establishment of an incorporation, I need to promote myself. 

To be honest, it took me a while to actually get this done and concrete. I was blaming it on – “oh, I don’t have time anymore today” or “the parking in the city is going to be horrendous,” but then I realized it was something so much bigger than that- I was preventing myself from succeeding.

Scared of what it actually meant to make it real is what really created the excuses. And this applies to so much more than starting a business – this applies to your fitness routine, a conversation you have been putting off, a job you’ve been wanting to apply to – anything.  Fear is the reason we don’t succeed.

Once you acknowledge that, you can then change it. It is so much easier to say it than do it, and we are all only human. I have days I can’t get myself out of bed, and days that I get absolutely zero accomplished, but I allow myself to have them.

Stop reliving the past, and assuming the future. Live right now, live for yourself- just live.


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