Introducing the “GALAXY”


Galaxy:  Any large and brilliant or impressive assemblage of persons or things.  (So us!)

Hi Galaxy Girls, it is Jen here!  With the start of our “new” and “improved” group, I thought I would do a little introduction to me and what my plans are for contributing to the blog.

Well, those of you that already know me, know that I am the “queen” of all things beauty and fashion!  If you took one look at my closets (yes, that is with an “s”) and beauty area you would see that I am obsessed.  I also love fitness and anything related to fitness (clothes, shoes, new programs, etc.)!  By day I am a corporate warrior princess and by night, I can transform into just about anything!  So, with all that said, what can you expect from me on the blog?????

My plan is to cover a little bit of everything!  Product reviews, make-up tutorials, new trends and product releases, fitness reviews and maybe even a few clean and not-so-clean eating recipes.  I could keep going, but I think you all get the idea!

Stay tuned for some upcoming product reviews as I just did a major haul at Sephora!  If there is anything you have in mind, let me know and I will do it!  I look forward to working on this blog and making it great.  You can email any suggestions to








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